Thursday, August 22, 2013

Practice Post

Who I Am
For starters, my name is Michelle Detar. I grew up equal amount of years in both Louisiana and Mississippi. I was born in Louisiana and after nine years there I moved to Biloxi, Mississippi. I stayed in Biloxi until I graduated high school at D'Iberville High. Right after graduation, I moved to Savannah, Georgia. I started college at a technical college there just to get my basics out of the way. After two years there, I decided I wanted to come home. That is how I ended up at the University of South Alabama. I wanted to be close to my original home but not really there.
My sister Amanda and me
I have one younger sister. Her name is Amanda, and she is currently active duty Air Force. She is stationed in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I could not be more proud to call her my sister. She does amazing things and continues to excel every day. My mom lives in Tennessee and my dad in Oklahoma. I love both my parents very much. They have supported me my whole life without doubt or judgement.
Bicycle photo taken with my Holga
My hobbies and interests are currently cooking and baking, photography, running, reading, and Doctor Who. I love to learn new recipes. I am always trying new things in my kitchen. I have a Holga film camera that I enjoy using. I always used digital cameras, but I love the surprise you get when you develop your film. I am training to do the Color Run in October. I hope to run the full three miles, but we shall see! I love science fiction and romance novels. And lastly, as of not too long ago, I am a Whovian, which is just a nerdy way to say I am a Doctor Who fan.
Book worm
I am majoring in Elementary Education. I am in my final semester before I start candidacy. After I graduate and become a certified teacher, I plan to move to Tennessee to be close to my mom. I have wanted to be a teacher since I was four years old and first enrolled in pre-school. When I think back to the teachers that most influenced me, I can truly say my elementary teachers played the biggest role in my education. I believe you can help a student learn more as a child than as a teenager or adult, which is why I chose elementary instead of secondary education. I start field work in schools this semester and am so excited to get involved in a classroom. I hope to be the best I can possibly be at what I choose to do.

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