Sunday, September 8, 2013

Blog Post #3

Peer Editing
Peer editing is a great way to receive useful feedback about your work. If it's done properly, that is. A peer, as we all should know, is someone your own age, most likely in your class. Editing means to help by making suggestions, changes, and giving proper compliments on someone else's work. According to Peer Editing, you want to give someone suggestions, compliments, and corrections for their work when you peer edit. But don't be too mean or pushy! You wouldn't want to be like the peers in the Writing Peer Review video. After watching that video, I can see the many different ways my peers may respond to my writings. I can also see the ways that I should NOT respond. After reading and watching these, I know to be very careful with my words when commenting on one of my peers' blog.
Tag! You're it of Peer Review!
When I was looking at my group members blogs, I silently read them and thought about what I would say if I were to leave them a comment. They both have great ideas and insights on what has been posted thus far. It's the same for the rest of my peers in this class. Everyone, well almost everyone, has their own opinions and ideas that they took away from the readings/watchings. I would definitely not be a Mean Margaret or a Picky Patty with any of them. After watching and reading about peer editing, I feel like I know how to better go about my comments. Compliment, suggestion, and correction(if needed).


  1. Michelle,

    You mentioned something in your post I found very interesting...

    "Everyone has their own opinions and ideas that they took away from the readings/watchings."

    Good point! It is important that we remember when peer editing to be open minded towards other's opinions on different subject matter. Just because we may not agree with someone's argument, doesn't make that person's argument incorrect. I am glad to read that your group has had great ideas and insights on their posts thus far, but how will you approach a group member if his or her blog post content has many grammatical, spelling, or sentence structure errors? While reading your post, I felt as if you understood the concepts of peer editing, but I would have encouraged you to add more details on how you would approach the three steps to peer editing if you encountered a group member who had many errors in their post.

    The very last sentence in your post...

    "Compliment, suggestion, and correction (if needed)."

    should read..

    "Compliment, suggest, and correct (if needed)."

    Keep up the hard work!