Friday, September 13, 2013

Blog Post #4

Podcasting with First Graders
This post was about a first grade teacher that started making podcasts with their students. Not many people would think to let a first grade class make podcasts. Before I continue, let me tell you what a podcast is! For those that do not know, a podcast is a digital file made and uploaded to the internet for downloading. This particular teacher let students record themselves acting out, on audio only, books from the Magic Tree House series. They were so involved in the whole process. Not only did they act it all out, they also helped edit the podcast for the final product! The students get to see just how many people have heard them when people comment on this blog with their location. I think this is a great way to help students understand technology and have fun while learning different skills.
Podcast Icon
Benefits of Podcasting
In the blog, Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom, they are giving specific reasons why podcasting is useful in school. Podcasting in the classroom can be used to record daily lectures for students who may have missed school that day, be useful for curious parents, and other teachers to use. Students can do podcast projects where they are the ones acting it out. This video makes the valid point that by using a podcast, we are making learning more relevant to this generation. This generation of students have always had technology at their fingertips. Why not make learning the same way as every day life for them? I agree that this can promote student creativity. They can use their imagination when creating a podcast. One thing I learned from this is that podcasting can help students access higher levels in Bloom's Taxonomy.
Stick Figure communicating with the world by Podcast
After reading this, I learned that podcasting is not only useful in the ways mentioned above, but it is also helpful for language learners. They created a podcast of just the sounds and words they needed and created a whole lesson on it. They incorporated different technologies along with the podcast. Podcasts can help students hear different sounds they have to learn for a language. I thought this was a great way to use this technology. After reading and watching everything about podcasting, I think this is a great way to keep students connected in class. In another class of mine, I was asked how would I keep parents involved in the students school life. I said podcasting. I definitely stick to my answer after reading/watching these. It is very helpful to have audio about what the students are learning for not only the student but also the parent and teacher.


  1. I want to say how refreshing it is to see a blog that has proper comma usage. I have seen many comma splices over the last few weeks. It makes me wonder how it is that college students have made it this far and still not know the proper way to use a comma.

    I really enjoyed reading your blog and I am not just saying that because I have been assigned to comment on it. I like the placement of your links to guide me to the blog you are summarizing. I like your word choices because it makes the blog so easy to read and understand. The only constructive criticism that I can offer is to mention one word that needed correction.

    "This post was about a first grade teacher that started making podcasts with their students." There is only one teacher which means that "their" should have been "she."

    Otherwise, I think you did a fantastic job. It has definitely been one of the best blogs I have read thus far. I will make sure to read your thoughts in the future.

  2. Remember what we said in class about adding proper sources to your pictures! You probably won't find the original source of the photo, but providing a source for where you found the image is a good practice. I personally feel like this post was rushed, though.