Thursday, September 5, 2013

Comments for Teachers 1 & 2

Classroom Chronicles by Henrietta Miller; C4T#1 Comment 1
Henrietta Miller's blog, Classroom Chronicles, is interesting and educational. She is a Year 6 teacher at a girls school in Sydney, Australia. Her post, Photo Imaging- A Crash Course for the Classroom, was about an Adobe course that she takes with 180 students from Australia called Photo Imaging. This is a course to learn how to use different imaging software that is available. She uses what she learns in her evening class for her classroom students. She uses Adobe Education Exchange to give lessons to other teachers and her students on how to use the different software Adobe provides.
I left Mrs. Miller this comment:
"My name is Michelle Detar. I am an Elementary Education major at the University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL, USA. I was assigned to read your blog for my EDM310 class! First of all, I was thrilled to read someones blog that was on a completely different continent than me. It’s amazing how blogging can allow you to learn from others that way! The class you are taking sounds very interesting. I love photography and that would definitely be something fun to learn. I look forward to reading your future posts and how you integrate what you’re learning into your classroom."
Comment #2
This week, Henrietta posted about the Young ICT Explorer's Competition. She was a judge along with a few others for this. In her post she describes some of the presentations that were given. They absolutely blew my mind. Two of the students had created fully functional apps, one created a 3D maze game created with Adobe After Effects, and a rubbish bin made to show a message when it is filled with rubbish. These were created by fourteen year olds. I can only imagine what the young, brilliant minds will create in the future.
I left this comment this week:
"Hi! I’m Michelle from the University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL, USA. I commented last week and said that I was assigned your blog in my Microcomputing Systems class, or EDM310 as we call it. So for this week I read your latest blog post. While reading about the presentations the students you judged created, I was blown away. I couldn’t imagine creating such mind simulating technology. It really does raise the question of what are their teachers doing in the classroom to keep them interested."

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  1. Hello Michelle,
    I really like how you included your actual comments to your assigned teacher's blog. I also really enjoy reading your comments as well. I appreciate how clear you are in your post. Although, I really did enjoy reading this, I would have liked to seen more details in what her posts were about and how you really connected to it, but thank you for providing me the link so I can check her post out on my own. Overall, good work!