Saturday, October 26, 2013

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The Last Lecture
The Last Lecture, given by Randy Pausch, is an inspiring speech given by a man that didn't let his final fate stop him from teaching one last lesson. I have watched this speech a few times before. Every time I watch it, I am still amazed at what I can learn from this man. Randy Pausch was a professor at Carnegie Mellon that was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. His last lecture was about his childhood dreams come true. Each dream had a story about how it had come true in some way. From being in zero gravity to being a Disney Imagineer, he had a lesson to be learned from each.
Randy Pausch
His lessons were to not give up. Since he was a child, Randy dreamed on being in zero gravity. When he finally was close to achieving it, he was told he couldn't participate because he was faculty. His response was to resign as faculty and go as a journalist since they were allowed. He found a way to achieve his dream. I learn to not let a brick wall stop me when it comes to learning or teaching. They are there not to stop you, but to teach you how badly you want it.
Randy Pausch Quote
He taught a Building Virtual Worlds course and had his students create their own worlds. Something that we can learn from this is that as teachers we are there to inspire and push our to students to do their best. His students learned to work in teams and create something that was one of a kind. As teachers, we will be responsible for young minds that need motivation to create. Something that Mr. Pausch taught us in this lecture was that nothing is impossible. We can create classroom activities that are innovating and interesting that will enable students to achieve their dreams.
Th final lesson on teaching and learning is to never give up. As teachers, we should never give up on a student. We need to show them that we are always there to help make them better. And we should never give up on ourselves. Every teacher is going to have a lesson that they spent so much time creating and it fails. Just because one lesson failed doesn't mean they all will. The Last Lecture is a video I would recommend to anyone. It is an exceptional speech that gives many lessons for the viewer.

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  1. Hi Michelle,
    I really enjoyed watching Dr. Paush's lecture. He gave some great advice; about the choices and decisions, we make in life. I agree, that it is important not to give up on our students. By never giving up, it can help motivate students to succeed.