Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Progress Report for PLN Project #2

My Personal Learning Network
Words describing PLNs
A Personal Learning Network is used to gain quick access to any tools you may use for educational purposes. For my PLN, I decided to create a Symbaloo. This is an easy to use site that organizes your tools in tiles. You can search for tiles to add, or you can add your own! On my Symbaloo, I have links to the EDM310 Blog, my blog, and my Google Site. I also have links to my social media networks; Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. In order to keep updated on teachers that I have commented on, I have added their blogs to my tiles. After learning about and using iCurio, it is also on my tiles. This site is useful when I need to go back and look at the different blogs I visit. It's quite handy to have all my personal tools all in one place!

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