Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Project #13

Writing a Fable Lesson Plan
Lesson Plan #1 created by Michelle Detar for Project #13
Above is the link to my Project Overview. This lesson plan focuses on Standard 2-Retelling stories, determining the meaning or moral behind the story, and explaining the answer by using text evidence. It is intended for Grade 3, but ,according to iCurio, it can be used in higher grade levels. The project duration will be approximately seven hours divided between five days of the reading block time. After they finish this project, students should have an understanding of what a fable is!
Link for my Project Calendar
Link for my PBL Essential Elements Checklist


  1. This was a collaborative project. Why are you the one who did not collaborate in doing it as was required?

    lesson plan well done. Used Google sites. Used BIE forms. Found podbean which I will add to EDM310 in the Spring.

    1. I was the one to email you about this project. I had misread the assignment and had already posted the project when I realized it was to be done collaboratively. I later realized I could have just used it for Project #14. Sorry about the mix up.