Sunday, November 3, 2013

Blog Post #11

"Little Kids...Big Potential"
The video that sparked a Skype interview with Kathy Cassidy, Little Kids...Big Potential, shows Kathy's first grade classes using technology in their classroom. Instead of writing with pen and paper, they write using a class blog. They Skype with classes from all over and even talk to experts. You even learn how to comment on someone's blog from a first grader who knew exactly what he was doing! Dr. Strange interviewed Kathy about her use of technology in her classroom.
In Cassidy Part 1, Kathy talks about the importance of using technology. She uses a class webpage and blogging to promote learning. The strategy of using a class blog is one that I would definitely implement in my classroom. These are first graders that can blog, and that is so amazing to me. Kathy is right when she says that technology and kids go hand in hand. In today's world, technology is expanding and is apart of everyone's life. It's important to show kids how to use the technology that they are constantly surrounded by.
Students love Technology
In the second part of her interview, Dr. Strange asks Kathy where she thought someone should start when it comes to technology. Kathy's answer was to start where you are interested in. There are a ton of different sites that fits to any interest. This would be something that we would need to teach our students, how to utilize those sites to fit them.
Changes in Technology over time.
In the final part of her interview, Dr. Strange turns it over to the students to ask questions. Kathy answers the question that popped into my head at the beginning of the videos. How often does she use blogs? She explained that it all depends on the size of the class. If the students can blog from home then they blog more than those who can't. Kathy has some great approaches to how to use the blogs in the class. It's great to hear about this from an actual elementary teacher.

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