Sunday, November 24, 2013

Blog Post #14

Go to and explore the website! It offers many valuable technological tools for students and teachers. Write a blog post on how you would use edshelf in the classroom.
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My post on using edshelf
Edshelf is a free educational website for teachers and students. I simply clicked "Browse around and explore" on the home page to get myself started. No need to sign up, anyone can rummage through this website and find great things! Once I clicked on the browse button, I was taken to a page that listed every category that edshelf assists with. From audio creators to lesson plan creators, edshelf literally has it all. I decided to discover more about the lesson plan creators. Once I clicked on "Lesson Plan Creator", I arrived at a page that gave me a list of applications that are available to teachers to create lesson plans! As a teacher, I will definitely use the application called Blendspace. Edshelf gives you tutorials on how to use the different sites.
Blendspace Logo
Blendspace is a one stop shop for everything in your lesson plan. You can search through a whole system to find resources and then shared them in one link. You can customize the lesson plan template to match your needs, and you can even create built in quizzes to test your students' knowledge.
Edshelf also has it to where you can search by subjects to find useful apps. If I were teaching a social studies lesson and wanted some useful videos to correlate to my lesson, edshelf has pulls up many different applications for that, or it also had lesson plan websites for that subject matter. Edshelf is such a useful website. It supplies links to almost every education website or applications known.

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