Sunday, November 3, 2013

C4T Summary #3

Mr. Will Richardson
Will Richardson is a former educator that resides in New Jersey. He has written several books and has many blogs. He is the co-founder of two websites dedicated to helping parents and teachers in the education department: Modern Learner Media and Powerful Learning Practice.
Will Richardson
The first post I commented on was about how to utilize technology properly in the classroom. He talked about an iPad hacking problem in schools that I had no idea was even going on. Here is the comment for that post:
"I'm a student at the University of South Alabama. Technology is shaping our schools, sometimes in good and bad ways. I hadn't heard of the Indiana and California iPad debacle. After reading about it, I'm sure most students have learned to do that. Schools with Project-based Learning techniques that include technology have students learning in a much better way. Technology is what is relevant to them. Thanks for this post. I learned about a couple of things had I no idea were going on.- Michelle"
The last post that I read from Will was about a book that he is currently reading. He talks about what we can do to keep learning relevant to our students. I found it very cool that the author of the book he was reading, David Price, actually commented on this post! Will posed the question to his readers on what are teachers doing to actually help kids. Here is my comment to that:
"I'm an Elementary Education student at the University of South Alabama and am taking a technology class currently. It allows us to learn how to utilize technology in our classrooms. Your post posed a great question on how are we helping kids. I recently watched a Skype interview with a first grade teacher that uses blogging in her classroom. Her students were so excited to learn that way. They created something that will ultimately last forever. I'll have to pick up the book your reading. It sounds like it is a great read for teachers and future teachers."

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