Sunday, November 24, 2013

Final PLN Report

My Symbaloo

My personal learning network has grown since I started using Symbaloo. I have added the websites of the C4T teachers that have struck inspiration in me, the websites I found on my own that are useful to teachers, and applications to take notes with and make quizzes for myself. I use this to keep track of EDM310's blog and my own. It has easy access to Prezi for any time I need to make a quick presentation. After watching all of the TED talks, I added TED to my PLN to keep updated on new and interesting videos. I also have easy access to Google Docs and Google Sites, all of which come in handy when I'm trying to communicate with my group. This is just the beginning of my PLN, truthfully. I plan to add to it throughout my education and teaching career.

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